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The module highlights the difference between Sitecore Final and Shared Layouts and allows to reset the specific component, changed in the final layout.

According to the Sitecore Best Practices, each item should contain less than 100 child items. Otherwise it will impact the performance. Especially of the Content Editor. But when we take a look at the Sharepoint Connector, it doesn’t support any item structure. All integration items are located under the root item. In our case there were five…

The Sitecore Speak component “FilterControl“ doesn’t allow to preselect facets programmatically. The feature can be pretty useful in some cases, so I describe a small workaround below.   In my example the Speak app has one Dashboard page with a list and filter. The list shows all Product items with fields Name, Color and Type…

Maksym shows you how to fix Sharepoint Synchronization Problems in Sitecore 8.1
Email Marketing with Sitecore EXM Analytics

Here is how to avoid problems with Sitecore EXM Analytics and firewalls: Move the RegisterEmailOpened.aspx and update the SendEmail pipeline.

Using SPIF 2.1 for Sitecore 8.1, we found an interesting problem that some items are duplicated after the sync process if you use one-way synchronization. When we open the duplicated items, all fields are mapped correctly, theSharepointItemId as well. For some reason though, the sync process didn’t recognize that the integration items already exist for some documents.

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Hi guys, I found an interesting challenge: I tried to use Sitecore Analytics from my WCF service but the Analytics stubbornly didn’t want to be activated.
And when I found a solution, it was a wonderful feeling of catharsis. So let me share it with you.
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In this blog post I would like to explain how to extend an existing Sitecore Speak component using SPEAK behaviors. To improve a component, you don’t need to change any row of the component’s code or create inherited components. The only thing you need is to set a behavior for the component. So let’s imagine a situation where you…

FXM.Web is a much bigger subproject than FXM.Anlytics. It allows to track views of external pages, to crawl website content and to edit non-Sitecore pages using the Sitecore Page Editor. 1. FXM.Web Site Configuration To connect with your website, you should configure the Sitecore Federated Experience Manager and add one row of js code to the site p…

In the following two blogposts I want to describe the main features of the Sitecore FXM and show how to use and configure this amazing module. The main function of Sitecore Federated Experience Manager is to gather data for analytics, manage content, and personalize experiences of your non-Sitecore websites. It contains two subprojects: FXM.Analyti…