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A Solution to Use Default Config Transformation in Sitecore without TDS

Continuous integration / delivery can be very challenging with Sitecore. One reason is that the Sitecore config patching system doesn’t support config transformations. When you are adding a transformation file by using, for example, SlowCheetah, Sitecore is no longer running properly. This is because the config patching system cannot merge the existing files to one valid config. The problem here is that Sitecore tries to merge all config files having a *.config extension in the “/App_Config/Include” folder on application start. This includes config transformation files because their file extension is *.config as well. Currently the only method to use config transformation successfully within Sitecore, is to use Hedgehog’s TDS (Team Development for Sitecore). It is a great product with many features but it comes with a hefty price tag of $749 per license.

In order to make our life easier and save some money, we came up with another solution. We fixed the merging issue by using another extension for merged configs. This way we sort of hide the config transformation from Sitecore. For our fix we extended the existing SlowCheetah Visual Studio extension. The first tests look very promising. After a few more tests within the complete build-process, we’ll make our SlowCheetah extensions available for everybody later this month on git hub. So stay tuned.
Thanks to our intern Christopher Brix for the implementation.


Mobeen Anwa

I found this to be a useful solution to this problem:

am 14.11.2014


Mobeen Anwar

I found this to be a useful solution to this problem: ... and it's free ;-)

am 14.11.2014


Sebastian Klenke

Hi, Thanks for your comment. I’ll check that. In our case we implemented a complete continuous deployment process with TFS, TDS and Octopus Deploy, now. Works great! But you have to buy different licenses. BR, Sebastian

am 17.11.2014

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