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Preselect Facets in Sitecore Speak FilterControl

The Sitecore Speak component “FilterControl“ doesn’t allow to preselect facets programmatically. The feature can be pretty useful in some cases, so I describe a small workaround below.

Sitecore FilterControl


In my example the Speak app has one Dashboard page with a list and filter. The list shows all Product items with fields Name, Color and Type. Usually, the SearchDataSource is good enough, when you just need to read items.


Sitecore Dashboard


Datasource and Facets components are bound in the standard way:



Sitecore FilterControl Edit Rendering Properties



Sitecore Datasource FacetsRootItemID


The binding works in the way where the facet are reload each time when the datasource items list is updated. After that all facets become unselected.

To preselect some facets programmatically we can handle an event “change:facet” that triggers each time when facets list is updated.

This example will preselect a facet “Color” with value “Red”

define(["sitecore"], function (Sitecore) {
var Demo = Sitecore.Definitions.App.extend({

// in the initialized method register an event
initialized: function () {
var self = this;
this.Facets.on("change:facets", self. selectFacet, self);

// select facet “Color” with value “Red” each time when the even “change:facets” was triggered
selectFacet: function (name, value) {
var selectedFacetName = “Color”,
selectedFacetValue = “Red”;
var facets = this.FilterControl1.viewModel.facetList();
$.each(facets, function (i, facet) {
if ( == selectedFacetName) {
$.each(facet.values(), function (j, facetValue) {
if (facetValue.value == selectedFacetValue) {
return Demo;



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